Together We Can , performance with Ashley Hamilton,  Lost Nest , Chattanooga, TN

Together We Can, performance with Ashley Hamilton, Lost Nest, Chattanooga, TN


Group ExhibitionsLost Nest, Williams St Studios, Chattanooga, TN ||  Warnings, Boundaries, Lies, Tanner Hill, Chattanooga, TN || Fresh, Association for Visual Arts, Chattanooga, TN
Performances: Together We Can, Lost Nest, Williams St Studios, Chattanooga, TN


Warnings, Boundaries, and Lies
Group Exhibition: Tanner Hill, Chattanooga, TN
May 16 - June 27th, 2014

Lost Nest
Group Exhibition: Williams St. Studios, Chattanooga, TN
May 18 - June 30th, 2014

A View from Inside my Pocket was conceived by accident when my flip phone began activating the camera in my pocket and taking subsequent photos through the thin material, creating an abstract animation of light, color, and camera artifacts. To recreate the effect, I put a GoPro on timelapse in my pocket while taking a bike ride. 


Making Mediator (Trap Door)


Making View Inside My Pocket